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Our digital agency specialises in creating digital solutions that incorporate AdWords, SEO, social proof and partnership strategies. An innovative approach and 15 years expertise allow us to create solutions for your e-commerce/lead generation business which drives tangible real world benefits.

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Outsource your Adwords and SEO to our in-house team
Are you among the many who find AdWords perplexing? You are not alone. Nonetheless, AdWords represents a crucial tool for exponentially scaling your business. Without an adept strategist at the helm, you risk being outpaced by your competitors. Our enterprise utilizes advanced Machine Learning algorithms to automatically identify your top-performing keywords and adapt bids accordingly. We constantly analyze your AdWords and Analytics accounts to ensure your strategies remain ahead of the curve and your returns on investment always remain positive.
Content Partnerships
While AdWords and SEO represent cost-effective marketing strategies, our enterprise can further enhance your online visibility by identifying high-traffic websites and negotiating promotion of your business with them. This approach offers a dual benefit of improving your backlink profile, thereby elevating your website's ranking on Google, as well as curbing your AdWords expenditure. Utilising our in-house proprietary SAS platform - Leapfrog - you can automate commission payouts, as well as gain deep insights of the traffic, allowing you and your content partners to view conversion rates across a wide range of segments.
Social Proof
Our enterprise provides a selection of exclusive social proof techniques for your business, comprising in-depth integration with Trustpilot using their API, as well as the implementation of a purchasing badge to be displayed when a sale is made on your website. Our in-house developers will guarantee seamless installation and management of our tools, which are proven to enhance conversion rates by up to 60%.

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"We express our gratitude to JJS Internet Solutions for their exceptional contribution in catapulting our nascent online e-commerce enterprise to unparalleled heights. Leveraging their Social Proof and Content Partnership tools, and assuming responsibility for our Adwords campaigns, we succeeded in exponentially amplifying our turnover from £150k annually to a remarkable £3m per annum, overall an outstanding return on investment."

Timothy Hinton
Comms Apple Ltd

Following our collaboration with JJS Internet Solutions, we have experienced notable benefits. By promoting two of their clients on our website and making use of their "Leapfrog" platform, we have garnered substantial commission payouts exceeding $190,000 to date.

Zhou Jingling

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